Alfa1. Resistivity system.

Alfa 1.

Resistivity system "Alfa-1" is designed for rapid electrical profiling (EP) and of electrical sounding (EI) using capacitive dipole lines. The system also provides the possibility of working with electrically earthed lines.

The equipment is designed to work with the axial measurement unit. Reception and supply lines in this case are equal size.

The equipment allows us to solve the detailed geotechnical and environmental problems in depth research several tens of meters.

The payload includes two field-unit transmitter and receiver, remote control, power devices and charger kits capacitive cable transmitter and receiver.




  • Easy to operate;
  • Operation over a wide temperature range (-40 .. 70);
  • No need for equipment calibration during operation;
  • Setting and reading of data blocks with the remote control by radio.  
Field data.