Cableless seismic data acquisition system SCOUT


SCOUT – cableless data acquisition system is designed for 2D, 3D, 4D seismic projects and to provide ease of layout when it comes to difficult terrains or in sensitive environments. SCOUT makes the logistics easier thanks to the reduction of the systems weight compared to cable-based systems.
SCOUT does not set any limitation to survey design. Internal back-up battery provides 670h continuous working autonomy. Built-in test signal generator for unit tests minimizes acquisition errors and guarantees high quality data.

Video. 25 advantages.

Limitless scalability

Taking into account growing demand for multichannel seismic surveys, JSC “SKBSP” enlarged the list of its products, including new land cableless seismic data acquisition system SCOUT. Due to full reduction in cables and light weight field unit, the seismic crews have got the possibility to perform seismic survey in accessing difficult terrain, whether in terms of a rugose landscape, urban settings or mitigation of environmental disturbance.

Fully-autonomous system

High-precision GPS receivers and  rechargeable batteries of enhanced capacity, built in SCOUT field units, provide the possibility to record seismic information continuously for up to  28 days (24-hour working day).

SCOUT has no restriction on the number of active channels.

Among the main problems of multichannel seismic survey are the weight of equipment and its transportation. Weight/size/functionality ratio makes SCOUT field unit the best choice among cableless seismic systems, represented on the market.

Work in difficult terrain.

The cableless system SCOUT makes it both logistically and economically feasible to acquire mega-channel count surveys and to get a lot of additional advantages, full-azimuth and offset coverage, including.

1x channel field unit

3x channel field unit