Company today

Today, the company’s main line of business is to supply to its clients the cable telemetry seismic data acquisition systems “T3”, “T155”, cableless telemetry seismic data acquisition system SCOUT with unlimited channel capacity, portable telemetry seismic data acquisition systems “T3-Portable”, shooting systems “SSV-2” for explosive and non-explosive (impulse) energy sources, geophone tester “TEST-SP”, “LINE TESTER”, testers for seismic field units. All this equipment is oriented to be used in land and transition zones seismic activities.
SKB SP continues to develop and manufacture new and improved products to meet the changing demands of the industry.
Geophysical equipment of our production enables high productivity, improved data quality and high reliability.
All our seismic data acquisition systems have 6 years guaranteed warranty.


Main features 

  • Manufacturing facilities and scientific research complex cover an area of over 10 thousand square meters.
  • Highly qualified staff consists of more than 150 people.
  • 60% of staff are employees of engineering and technology sectors.
  • The manufacturing process complies with quality standards ISO 9001:2000