Test-SP. Elctrodynamic geophon tester.

Geophone tester “TEST-SP” provides automatic measurement of the following electrodynamic geophone's parameters: coil circuit DC resistance, natural frequency, damping constant, distortion, transduction constant, polarity.

Tester can be used in metrological and test aboratories while geophone and geophone based devices manufacture as well as in enterprises, running and repairing geophones.

Tester's mode of functioning is based on excitation of oscillations in geophone coil circuit using test signal. The current and frequency of these oscillations are measured and then, the specified algorithm.

Tester includes the square- and sine- wave test signal oscillator, ADC and notebook with special software installed.

Tester provides automated monitoring of parameters of single geophone as well as of geophone string.

Communication between computer and “TEST_SP” is organized according to TCP/IP protocol via Ethernet.

This solution provides: 

  • High data rate and performance reliability
  • Connection of any computer with the network interface
  • To use remote (up to 100 m) computer
  • Connection of “TEST-SP” to the local area network
  • To transmit the data via WI-FI radio link

Tester has the built-in temperature sensor.