Cable telemetry seismic data acquisition system for land operations

T3 - cable telemetry seismic data acquisition system specifically designed for land acquisition and realization medium-sized 3D projects with the maximum number of channels 26400 (at 2ms sample rate). T3 is easy to work, has a friendly user interface, a wide range of control of field equipment and control system of quality field data. All system components are designed to operate in difficult environmental conditions (-40 .. +70 ° C) and any terrain.

T3 work with various types of impulse energy sources and vibrators. System provides generation of output SPS files and receives external SPS-files. A powerful system monitoring and diagnostics of field units of ground complex allows real-time monitoring of their condition. The software package has the ability to work with multiple QC software.

High reliability

Equipment reliability is one of the main factors affecting the success of seismic surveys. In most cases, the seismic crews working in remote locations, so delivery of spare parts is a big problem, which turns into economic losses. All components of the T3 are designed to provide reliable operation in difficult environments and difficult terrain areas. High reliability is confirmed by a 6-year warranty on the system.

Field acquisition unit.

There are no barriers for telemetry seismic data acquisition system T3. You don't need to worry about detouring of the river, swamp, lake or about the seismic line to be deployed in shallow water area. The telemetry seismic data acquisition system T3 can be successfully used on land and in transition zones. Data acquisition units BSD-3 can be immersed in water up to 30 m in depth.